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KW & H obtains complete pieces of technical equipment, as well as spare parts for you.

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KW & H –  your reliable partner

KW & H, a consulting and trading company based in Germany, is the right choice of supplier for your purchases of various industrial products worldwide. Our range of supplies covers a wide selection of products from well-known manufacturing companies situated throughout the industrialized world.

We have extensive experience in sales and export to guide you through all your purchases in accordance with your requirements. Our skilled engineers are constantly striving to meet customer needs and expanding our product range for the satisfaction of our clients.

These clients, mostly from Asia and the Middle East, who are from various industrial sectors, e.g. oil & gas, construction, the electrical sector etc. are glad to have us as their direct contact in the center of Europe for their numerous industrial resourcing requirements. We will be happy to simplify your purchase or locating of new or spare parts and, if desired, to deliver directly to the site.

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